Some Lovely Art

I have noticed a lot of these posts on Facebook lately:

facebook art

Which has got me thinking about what art I like, and why I like it. My immediate thoughts went to travel photography as I love a good landscape, which conjured images of some of the South African scenery I saw when I was there earlier this year. For example, the Three Rondavels in the Mpumalanga region.


But I suppose that sort of thing wouldn’t fulfil the remit of an ‘artist’. So then I remembered some of the most amazing paintings I have ever seen, which are surprisingly based on photography (shocking!). Although even if you aren’t that keen on photography, I think you will still be impressed by the work of the hyperrealistic artist Gregory Thielker. Here is one of his best ones:


I love this sort of work, where you think something is one thing but it’s actually another! I find it mind-blowing that he is able to create these images – I can barely draw anything so this kind of talent is beyond my comprehension!

But then, in trying to find this artist I came across something even more surprising. Some really great graffiti, that is also hyper realistic. It is from the legendary UK graffiti legends, the Graffiti Kings, and my favourite of theirs is this one:


Not only does it look great, but it has a great message. I love stuff like this, where it makes you think without being patronising or terrible. Who would have thought graffiti could be so beautiful? I am much like everyone else and have images of young, hooded men spraying horrible lettering on trains when I think of graffiti, but these images have really changed my mind.

So when you inevitably see the same post that I’ve been seeing, give your friends less conventional artists to post work from! Not only will it help artists get off the ground, it may also help broaden their heart

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